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As the creative force behind the design firm of mcleanworks, Wayne has built relationships with multiple clients including: The Network Journal and  Hofstra University in the U.S. along with The TV Collective and Westminster University in the U.K. These past relationships and ongoing consulting work allow him to both develop expertise and push creative boundaries in editorial, advertising, public relations, corporate and package design. With such a rich and varied history, Wayne not only has the experience to understand what works, but also has the technical skills needed to be on the leading edge of current trends in the design world.

With a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and over 25 years of print and digital design experience, Wayne McLean is a Creative/Art Director, Graphic Designer and Production Specialist with the knowledge, demeanour and competence to lead a team of like-minded creative professionals to higher standards of excellence.

Wayne has been a valuable, contributing member of multiple art departments including: The New York Daily News; The New York Post; Newsday; and Mechanical Engineering Magazine. He looks forward to partnering with you on your next project.

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