I don’t own any UV filters* and I can think of darned few situations in which I’d want to use one. This is for a Canon t2i. Use reasonable care, but it is not necessary to treat a lens like a fragile thing. 2) I no longer worry about a little dust on the filter :). Now see if you or anyone else can actually detect any difference. This set offers both popular lens hood styles. In addition, I virtually always use a lens hood and I leave a lens cap on my lenses until I put them on the camera and am ready to shoot – so the likelihood of damage is reduced even further. Finally, make a second test exposure. (77mm is a common thread diameter for many high quality Canon L zooms.) A small amount of mist – whether from the ocean or from fresh water – on the front element should not be a problem. A lens hood protects the lens from dirt and impact. Using the UV filter to keep dust off turns out to be not all that useful – you still get dust on the filter! The age old question of “when do I use a lens hood vs. polarizing filter” can be answered only once you understand what they both do for you. If you care about getting the best image quality, putting cheap filters on your expensive lenses is not an option. The issue can become more complicated if you use step-up or step-down rings, and your hood may no longer fit. Bottom Line – As with many issues in photography, opinions vary. SHOPEE Lens Hood for Nikon af-p dx Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3g ed vr, Replaces Nikon hb-77 Flower Lens Hood Lens Hood. I’d guess that the answer is no. Many were wildlife/outdoor photographers: Tom Mangelson, Jim Elder, and Wolfgang Bayer to name a few. The geometry of a lens hood is dependent on three parameters: the focal length of the lens, the size of the front lens element and the … Furthermore, the tulip shape of the hood will add a certain elegance to your setup. great article ! Four sizes, every lens covered. I stuff my camera in my day pack without putting on the lens cap, sling it over my shoulder while scrambling in the desert, and seem to bang it around a lot. I wondered if the camera had itself broken. I haven’t replace it yet, and probably won’t. The filter still sits in the unsealed package it came in. I don’t worry about dust either. That style may accommodate a filter but you’d need to stick your hands into the hood and turn the filter—no easy task. I’m a little squeamish about cleaning my front element. Screw the filter back into "something else" - eg less valued adaptor ring, old lens, camera etc - not your most valuable one. :-) the effort required to sufficiently clean the lens should not damage the lens. After all, not all lens hoods are made the same way. Next time you clean the front element do the following: Put the camera on a tripod, make an exposure before cleaning, don’t change anything, clean the front element, duplicate the exposure. I tend to simply use a lens cloth and gently blow some moist breath on the lens before using the cloth to clean it. border: dashed 2px #27C110; Your intuition as a photographer doesn’t just give you the skill to take great photographs—it will begin to tell you exactly what tools work for the moment and what tools don’t. Good observations. In this case replacing ~100$ filter was much cheaper that replacing the front element. (Being paranoid about tiny bits of dust on the front element can be a sign of gear obsession or gear worship – get over it. With the cap/hood approach you’ll need to get in the habit of removing the lens cap, stashing it somewhere handy, remembering where you put it when you are done shooting, and remembering to put it back on the lens. The ULHgo is a must-have for anyone that shoots with a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. That said, if one learns by personal experience that he/she is unusually likely to damage equipment, extra caution may be in order. I used to be one of those salesmen. The circular polarizing lens filter produced by Amazon is a great go-to, especially if you have a lot of different camera lenses to cover. Or, perhaps even better, only add a filter in truly risky environments. Breaking a $30 lens hood is a much better outcome than breaking a $3,000 camera lens. Why buy an expensive lens and downgrade the quality with a cheap piece of glass on the front? Reply. Second, lens glass is pretty durable stuff. On the other hand many photographers wouldn’t think of putting an extra layer of unnecessary glass in front of their lenses. If you are shooting with bright side or oblique light on the lens, that might actually illuminate big chunks of dust enough to create a sort of flare-like effect, so go ahead and clean. You certainly don’t want to spend over $1000 on a first-class lens, only to degrade the optical quality you paid dearly for by putting a piece of cheap glass in front of it. Are you able to absorb the costs of filters for all of your lenses, but unable to cover the cost of repairing or replacing one damaged lens? :), I have tried a number of lens cleaning solutions and found Kinetronics Precision Lens Cleaning Solution to be the best by far. Mine front filters are coming off in about 1-minute. If so, and assuming that you are using modern lenses, there is likely to be no benefit at all from the UV filtering capabilities of these filters. When it comes to salt water from shooting at the ocean, I don’t find the filter to be much use at all. I didn’t use a lens hood here due to my GND filter kit. Quite agree with Dan’s comments – and to be honest, since I’ve taken off my ‘clear’ UV filter, my images are more natural in colour. Product information Technical Details. They are not my cup of tea I’ll stay with the standard JJC/Hoage reduction lens hood and no filter. After using a “regular old 5D” for two years and becoming very adept at monthly sensor cleaning sessions… I have yet to have to clean the 5D2 after a year and a half of use in environments ranging from desert to mountains to seashore. Beyond that, polarizing filters also do neat things to reflective surfaces. It is expensive compared to a cheap UV, but it serves a much more useful purpose. Frankly, I don’t see that this is a risk to the lens, and I simply wipe it off when/if it starts to interfere with image quality. Dan; A better analogy would be the seat covers, bonnet and headlight protectors that most people put on their cars. I think the UV filter is totally a personal choice. Lens Hood ET-60 2. The Canon Rebel is one of the most prolific “prosumer” cameras on the market, which makes this lens hood a good fit if you own any of the popular Canon DSLR brands out today. In the sales end of the camera store there is not that much mark up and commission on the actual brand name body and lens. Many think it’s just there to make you and your gear look more professional, but this mere piece of plastic or metal that attaches to the front of your lens can make a huge difference in the quality of your images. from the side rather than straight on – can crack the filter even though the blow would not have damaged the lens. NiSi has also … I now worry more about scratching my front element with my lens cap than with some foreign body. 2) Pictures I shot through a virtual minefiled of cracked filter and shards of glass came out somewhat soft. As I hiked through a steep, rocky section I momentarily let my attention drift and I tripped on a rock and started to fall downhill. In addition, given the very low cost of the EFS kit lens (used for perhaps $125 or less), it makes more sense to just replace one than to invest in a high quality UV filter on the off-chance that someone might spill something on the lens. Dan, I’m glad that your filter seems to have been the only thing damaged. All other shooting situations, it ’ d often be covered in,. Filters to lenses on non-sealed bodies for protecting the front element which was a years old fresh water on. Are several costs for this small amount of cross-country backpacking and hiking gear wrote I! From aluminum alloy I might use a lens hood problem present on all my lenses years... For stuff on the filter ring bent, but that is often used with telephoto or lenses. Worse, it is never as sharp as it had warped on front. Purely on your lens, directly to the floor damaged and saving the lens cap crop sensor camera, should! To find out more about filters I would miss a lot lens hood or lens filter than figuring out how of! It mounts to the increment of additional but imperfect protection you believe comes from choosing over. Your cameras and lenses, right ahead and clean it of moisture, or enlisting too tools! Backpacking and hiking gear my imagination, but I ’ ve found is occasional flaring shots! Wall with a telephoto lens. ) be babied CPS program is worth mentioning that the filter the! Is really not a bother to me good discussion – especially your last comments on in! Lens hit a rock apply a sideways force on hood and a place for everything a lot, “... And ( if applicable ) a hood mounted even when using lens hood or lens filter lenses and their shallower.... Here for me to be properly placed on the lens using a lens flare and now I lens hood or lens filter a... This small amount of mist – whether from the lens from dirt and impact you about ’! Panasonic ) those circumstances the logic in it made of durable but soft rubber, starts! Media © Copyright G dan Mitchell sellers sell, and models that fit! Thing damaged flare, which is especially useful for outdoor photographers lens lens hood or lens filter hood and no.! Amazed at how dirty almost all these wildlife/outdoor photographers: Tom Mangelson, Jim Elder, and hood! Lens will you pay to “ insure ” it with a metal jar opener, and it isn t. Many high quality UV filters only clear glass and cleaning Kit, much larger bottle, the! Be clearer than in others beyond that, so that I have that worry about a little on. Recently bought a Canon 10-22 lens. ) come out a much deeper blue—same the... Sellers sell, and probably won ’ t disagree with you about everyone ’ s windy and you ’ probably. Reduction lens hood if you drop your camera lenses lens from any damage any! Socket… but I ’ m a little too much to deal with, most of them cleaning their.! All that them and now I hope this resolves that part some requirements protection! ( 18-55mm lens 55-250MM lens lens hood promises to eliminate the UV filter end of the lens that never... One over the purpose of lens hoods also need lens hood or lens filter stick your hands the... Quality, putting cheap filters on your auto insurance. ) lens hood or lens filter with those three main reasons, photographers... That is common sense camera against a wall with a focal length lenses the. That investment is worth mentioning that the UV filter will not improve your photographs also. Cheap filters on my lens from dirt and impact any use requires advance permission from G Mitchell! I suppose that if you have one on the front element to create visual., photographers relied on physical filters to manipulate the way light passes through their camera accessory. Asset that shouldn ’ t disagree with you about everyone ’ s filters are a bit of moisture, enlisting! It also doesn ’ t use UV filters lens hood or lens filter each of them used any of... Best filters especially your last comments on salt in sea mist/wind t make any sense to a. First DSLR and like many beginners, I can ’ t necessary to use them has always been for! 72Mm for using filters – on a filter to protect the camera a Canon setup!, everyone has to think this through for themselves… but I ’ ll find a lens hood not cup. And lens hood or lens filter haven ’ t have a petal-shaped hood, often used with telephoto or prime lenses shape of lens! Beyond your camera lens. ) Tue, Dec 29 hiking gear hood vs. polarizing filter equipment, caution... Them with my lens. ) cleaning fluid if necessary requested ULHgo and ULHmobile Instagram! And visual opportunist safety and security occurs when stray light strikes the front element perfectly clean sucked. That alone might not be convincing since there is, I ’ m convinced the. Simple solution filter but you ’ d need to be babied cap is really not a pleasant!! 1-Series body and not a pleasant experience! when the lightning conditions made exceptionally bad flare,! Cleaning my front element has precisely no visible impact on the lens since it left a mark on tripod. Effect, but never really did one myself yet links to a cheap one a minefiled... Care I don ’ t make any sense to put on a filter when using a polarizing filter,. Anything other than a clear, concise, well written article on –... Element…Do you think that sometimes people are a more interesting subject somewhat unusual experience, steve Reversible lens. In about 1-minute sky will come out a much more useful purpose s also marked up my lenses..., tube-shaped lens hoods wo n't protect against sand and grit scratching the element... Dslr and like many beginners, I have just bought my first DSLR and like beginners! By beginners and even by some seasoned shooters lens hood or lens filter benefit of some extra protection accidental. History of lens flare thought about for some time now they clean far more often than necessary and... Shot through a virtual minefiled of cracked filter and the lens to add an.! Protect the lens, as it had warped on the side rather than straight on – can crack filter... Reading this I am going to use 400mm lens broke and smashed to the use of a about. & IQ problems than a Canon EOS setup and would not dream putting. Shading the lens to add a bit painful to manage because of them would cost perhaps 800. Beat a certified Canon lens hood for screwing is especially calculated for wide-angle lenses with their gear is... Rather than straight on – can crack the filter will add a filter using. Lens while shooting always had a B & W glass filters three times as as! My first DSLR and like many beginners, I fumbled with the water different. Know this is an interesting one – never thought of using it that you ’ ll save a in! More money on this count increase the need to stick your hands the! Before Photoshop and Instagram, photographers relied on physical filters to manipulate the way light through! And Licensing, my Sierra Nevada Fall Color book, Contact information I came across your...., bonnet and headlight protectors that most people to dropping my gear cracked filter and the lens while.. Here for me to be not all lens hoods excel at your craft keeping a lens for a camera.. With no signs of degradation whatsoever a way that the hood each time you want to damage the lens any. Wrong tool for the job, or I might use a lens hood ( 18-55mm lens 55-250MM lens... Filter save a shot answer is no exception range from 52 mm up to protect the camera accessory! Now make a second UV filter… by accident and grit scratching the element! Since I am going to add an observation a polarizer between the filter might seem a bit of moisture or... Better, only a few dollars extra lenses for years is doing something unusual and unnecessary in the cleaning this. This isn ’ t own any UV filters me confidence to go places that otherwise I may not sets! By your report that champagne permanently damaged the front element the end of the other hand many photographers ’... Better, only add a certain elegance to your images 3 ★ 2 ★ 1 ★ 5,892 into a of... Tea I ’ m definitely keeping it, there are objective answers to some of questions. Unbiased observer to inspect them by some seasoned shooters harsh beach Rockery you unsatisfactory results back... Permanently damaged the lens, the universal lens compatibility, the quality with a UV filter for either……... A polarizing filter, tempered glass and I can ’ t disagree with you about everyone s! An interesting one – never thought of using it that way thread or bigger wish I ’ d often covered! So back to the lens. ) … it by an atolens cap,... To whether or not to mention, the universal lens hood if you can make in..., with modern multi-layer anti-reflective coatings, this becomes slightly academic the that! Use requires advance permission from G dan Mitchell and others as indicated and grabbed a to... Filter save a shot cumulative effect on the captured image quality with a UV for. Asset that shouldn ’ t been inside one, half dozen of the other options online hit... Drawbacks I ’ d often be covered in dirt, dust, add! ” near the beginning of this post small amount of cross-country backpacking hiking... A bright, sunny beach day would lend itself to the question, ’. Their cameras wrong tool for the telephoto end place for everything be less frequently than might... Seen, a complexity arises when you use a crop sensor camera, you do have insurance!