":1039: Responded to notification of potential adverse reaction after receiving COVID-19 vaccination. Taken to ED. Have parameters been established for titter? Follow your dosing instructions carefully. And it can reveal which types of patients might be at greater risk of adverse reactions from a particular vaccine. á This Staff member was notified of patient reaction and she was then assessed in the emergency bay area. 1850 119/79, 74, 99% RA. Now I am just tired. Nausea, tremors, and decrease in HR. No intervention given. hives all over body. I'm still experiencing no appetite and this is very unusual. Walked under her own power from the pharmacy down to the Emergency Room for anxiety over anaphylaxis. On my arrival, pt was eupneic, p/w/d, ambulatory, NAD. That only last about 2 minutes. I was nauseous with chills , sweating and vomitting and tired. No other complaints. Right sided facial/lip swelling. Arriving home very tired. Dizzy,Hives on neck and chest, body aches. I did not take any medications for this . body aches , headache, knees aching , abdominal pain, could not eat, lots of chill, breaking out in sweats . Have been applying over the counter 1% hydrocortisone cream with some relief. Chronic Trouble Sleeping 2. Patient was taken to ER for evaluation.". 10:00PM fever 104.00; Tylenol extra strength dose. Assesment of patient showed tongue PWD, vital signs as follows. Stayed 30 minutes after vaccination without further complaint. Labs and a chest x-ray done and reviewed. The only symptom remaining after this was a headache and metallic taste. These include multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and ulcerative colitis. Increased blood pressure 199/99. Time: 0930 - Oxygen Saturation was 98% Pulse Rate 100. Pain in deltoid muscle upon pressure at night. Medrol Dosepak - How long does a dose pack stay in your system? Select one or more newsletters to continue. No vomiting or nausea. It is tender to touch. I experienced a sore arm and could not lift my arm. Within 2 hours of dose, nausea. She is not diaphoretic. It is possible some of the patients in the first hour received diluent instead of vaccine but is not known for certain. Hot flashes and visual disturbance lasting into following day. Reaction occurred on 12/15, the day after receiving 1st dose of Pfizer covid vaccine. The patient did not report shortness of breath or other respiratory symptoms. No respiratory distress. Your email address will not be published. Per ER report, the patient was treated for an acute anaphylactic reaction, with clear lungs and given an EpiPen shot in the right thigh. I received the vaccination on 12/14 no problems 3-4 later sore arm. Methylprednisolone sodium succinate is a corticosteroid medication that reduces inflammation. Continued throughout the night and were improved by next morning, but not fully resolved by the time of this submission. She was evaluated by a physician and had a normal cranial nerve and motor exam other than diminished sensation CN5- no change in appearance of lip. Instructed to stay and would evaluate if new interventions would be deemed necessary. She describes the onset as 20-30 minutes after vaccine was administered. Shortly Administration of vaccine I experienced a metallic taste. Left from urgent care on her own, Employee had tingling sensation in Right upper extremity, and heaviness in bilateral lower extremities 5 minutes after receiving vaccine. sent to the emergency department for evaluation.". Facial swelling, slurred speech, taste in mouth (medicine like), heart palpitations, rash to chest and face. Wrap the flattened date piece around your tablet and swallow whole. "Individual received vaccine on 12/17/20 at 0815. Good luck. Injection site reaction. Caller stated she would. Stay at the ED for about 2 hours and left home. 13:00 pm right side of mouth continued to feel strange. 30 min post-vaccination, patient now feeling very cold, throat feels better but still a little tight, and a little dizzy. She did not have difficulty breathing/swallowing/speaking. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. She reports that it felt harder for her to breathe. 3. No fever or chills noted. Patient stated she started to feel a burning sensation in her chest about 7 minutes after receiving injection. She claims she experienced tightness in the right side of throat and her tongue started tingling. ? AE occurred about 4 hours. Caller stated at 11:30 a.m caller had right arm pain at injection site and headache. Side effects: metallic taste in mouth, burning pain, burning sensation in skin, fatigue, muscle and joint pain Food Tasted A Bit Different. Patient received another dose of diphenhydramine IV, methylprednisolone 125 mg IV and several doses of IM epinephrine. Symptoms come and go, pt feels better but then bad taste in mouth starts, shaking of hands, tingling starts again in stomach and back. My sleep was restless with body aches, chills, & pain at the injection site. It was so horrible, I'll never take that med again. hot flushing feeling, light headed, legs heavy gave patient a chair to sit and candy symptoms resolved by 11:36, Seizure approximately 24 hours after vaccination, vasovagal response - dizziness and nausea which lasted about one hour after injection - resolved with supine position and dry cereal. I received the vaccine @ 3:40 pm 12-15-20 and felt fine until around 9:00 pm 12-15-20 when I noted headache, nausea, no energy, overall not feeling well, and injection site pain. As soon as the Advil wore off, body aches & chills returned. Still looking for answers? (TOTAL OF 30MINS), PATIENT STATES TINGLING RESOLVED. After 20 minutes symptoms subsided. Right Ear: Hearing and external ear normal. HENT: Head: Normocephalic and atraumatic. Received Pfizer Covid Vaccine - Had fever of 102 and flu like symptoms. Slept for about 4 hours. There was no other reaction at vaccination site or change in symptoms during a further 30 minute observation period. First day right after the vaccine the left arm was extremely sore, the next day I felt like I had the flu. On day after vaccination: Left arm soreness, chills, headaches, sudden onset of rinorrhea 5 minutes after receiving vaccine. Methylprednisolone powder for injection/infusion may be administered intravenously or intramuscularly, the preferred method for emergency use being intravenous injection given over a suitable time interval. She received EpiPen within 1 minute of symptoms and was sent to ER immediately in wheelchair by nursing staff. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2012410. Altered Taste. Contacted the CDC and instructed to enter a VAERS report. She stood up, and then felt tunneling. 0.3ml of the vaccine was discarded with the syringe into the sharps box. Papular, pustular rash on back occurring approximately 6-10 hours after injection of vaccine. I did not have a fever. Not short of breath but tachycardic. After a couple of hours dizziness lessened and patient was able to ambulate. pruritis of upper extremities. NO fever, elevated BP. Racing heart, itching throat. The agent helped walk me to a chair and I felt really loopy in the head. Started with onset of fatigue and disorientation shortly after receiving the vaccine. Then itching progressed through the entire body including toes Claritin 10mg taken approx approx 2 hours prior to inj Allegra 1 tab Diclofenac 50mg Tylenol 1000mg Pepcid 1 tab Solumrdrol 40mg IM All given at approx 8:30am Itching continued. 1504 Vital signs obtained, BP & HR were elevated. Resolved with Advil and Zofran. Was found to be stable and was discharged. We immediately stopped and reported this to an employee who contacted pharmacy. This is another person harmed by Moderna injection (not vaccine) https://youtu.be/GotVR8ro9OA, Your email address will not be published. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes after administration the patient developed numbness tingling around the upper lip, the right upper extremity. Felt myself in morning except as expected left arm pain at injection site and a little left arm tiredness or weakness. After Benadryl and Tylenol, patient felt better and was able to go back to work. I don't even take one for the flu. 12/17/2020 2:34 am he woke up with rigors and chills, went away in 3-4 min. Patient denied shortness of breath, chest pain denies nausea. Monitoring continued until 1245, vital signs were improving and patient no longer had symptoms. Further, the Pfizer vaccine is not approved for anyone under age 16, and the Moderna vaccine is not approved for anyone under age 18. It is shameful that we are living in an era of ignorance. I reported the mild headache and taste disturbance to the RN in the Covid vaccine room before I left for her information. I would still describe myself as tired, but functioning. Received email from him letting us know he had made it back and they had stopped and eaten pizza on the way. After went home next day on 12/15 had a sore arm went to work as normal. 111 patient evaluations for Methylprednisolone Sort by: Most recent. IV was initiated and given a fluid bolus, solu medrol, famotidine, and lorazepam. She became concerned because she had just mixed a new vial and the amount of fluid remaining was not at the expected level. Stood up and walked to conference room for another 15 minutes. These symptoms resolved approximately 2 hours after they began. recommended to go home and rest. nl appetite. 6 minutes after receiving the vaccine I became lightheaded. Woke up the next mornign with moderate/sever bodyaches, chills, cough and headache. The next morning he experienced improvements in the headaches but developed chills, fatigue, and fever, all of which have improved somewhat by the afternoon when he reported these adverse effects to our employee health service. No itching, no throat tightness. Left Arm edema and erythema 24 hours, Extreme fatigue, felt very warm all over body for 14 - 16 hours, exceptional pruritus on head and back, all joints are exceptionally achey. Patient reported to CNA that they felt like they soiled their pants. If you are wondering why you have a bad taste in your mouth, we recommend taking a look at this OneHowTo for a list of the potential causes. Bp of 85/44, nauseous, body aches, chills. Flu shot 09/2020 Second dose of Pfizer shot is scheduled for 01/05/2021. Patient was moved to direct observation in a chair. Started about 0200 on 12/16/20. Then took Motrin on night of 12/16 and felt better on 12/17. Right ankle swollen within an hour of injection. acetaminophen Duration: 3 hours, 12/15/2020 Around 7:30pm, I started to itch on neck and face. Also developed red facial rash (unknown time) Pain at injection site began the morning after the injection. PT took 2 Benadryls and had several Epi shots. 2 inches x 2 inches. She was then transferred to an ICU for further care.". Feel better today. Symptoms largely resolved by the evening. á Pertinent past medical history: Reactions bee stings currently carries EpiPen. Palpitations, shortness of breath, lump in throat. Per ER attending and admitting physician, this reaction seems to be a clear exacerbation of the patient's tracheomalacia. All foods tasted same, like metal. He was diagnosed with a UTI due to the presence of hematuria associated with a syncopal episode. We notified the patient that there was a discrepancy and had him wait for > 30 minutes to watch for any reaction. The tingling and numbing sensationent away and came back and benedryl was given. Patient states she feels comfortable leaving vaccination clinic, her son will be taking her home.". Patient received covid-19 vaccine. Checked in to ED for further evaluation. á Called 911 for EMS response @ 1103 per instruction from provider. Stated he felt much better and was ready to leave. In the midst of adding diluent to vaccine vial, a patient arrived at our vaccine station. These symptoms subsided after approximately 10 minutes but were then followed by a ?cloudy? States he had only had a donut and cup of hot chocolate before receiving vaccine. Then severe itching starting in right arm, right side of head approx 25 min after injection. Associate received vaccine at 12:15 pm and was monitored for 15 minutes. It eventually just went away on its own. I took Tylenol and Motrin for headache/fever and also on 12/17. Was sitting in the chair. Vitals stable at 1840 133/88, 66 for pulse and regular, SPO2 99% on room air, respirations 20. Available for Android and iOS devices. Joint and nausea has subsided. A co-worker verbalized he would drive her home, patient agreed. Left and walked back to clinic. Coworkers taking him to ER for evaluation. Patient developed throat tightening approximately 20 minutes after vaccination. The study is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 22,958 people who have side effects when taking Methylprednisolone from the FDA, and is updated regularly. Headache, onset ~45 minutes after injection, I got it about 10 am I went home I attempted to work from home for about an hour and had a headache, took a 3 hour nap and felt much better after waking up, I felt like I couldn't concentrate. I developed moderate to severe pain in my deltoid (of injection) that lasted 48 hours. I then took 50mg Benadryl and 10mg zyrtec, and iced my face (1 zyrtec in the morning, another at night). Think about this: there's a cheap OTC cure with zero side effects... why do they insist in experimental deadly vaccines? Those of us who ask the obvious questions are late to the game. At 12:00pm, patient began to develop a rash and had mild edema noted in the uvula. Symptoms began 30 min after vaccinated was tired then HAd fatigue. I was released and when I got home I went to sleep. Arm feels better after using it. Caller stated this morning she felt a bit better. The patient was given IV diphenhydramine 50 mg, famotidine 20 mg IV, and methylprednisolone 125 mg IV. Patient was given a snack and an RN stayed with her for about 20 more minutes to monitor. Psychiatric: She has a normal mood and affect. ~30 minutes after vaccination, patient reported lightheadedness, difficulty swallowing, SOB, feeling flushed, pallor, bilateral arm tingling, brief chest pain and tremors. I may have incorrect information but isn't a booster required 21 days later? While on the floor, she started to feel short of breath again (about 9 am on 12/18/2020), which required an RRT . Within 10min patient first experienced feeling hot and tightening of throat. At home, I was tired, but had a sandwich and talked on the phone. Diagnosis Bell's palsy. I don't have a headache and don't feel like I need a nap, my arm still hurts but that is usual. Symptoms lasted approximately 30 minutes and then resolved. Given dose of Vistaril in ER. After 10 min patient was eating juice + crackers. No distress. She had a flushed face by the time she arrived home but remained afebrile. Nausea, Patient stated she did not have any breakfast. Assisted to chair and floor. Pulse ox was taken and read within normal limits. 12/15/2020 little bit of a headache at night and took an ibuprofen, intermittent nausea the next day, around 530 pm 12/16/2020 fatigue joint pain chills, I had a fever but I did not take my temp, nausea at 9pm I took ibuprofen and this morning 12/17/2020 I woke up fine. Patient may have received undiluted Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 0.3 ml= ~120 mcg, Headache , fever 100.8, chills, Fatigue, body ache . Swelling locally in arm began within 12hrs. At 15 Minute mark patient stated throat felt tight and like it was closing up. Coworkers could tell I didn't feel good. By the next day, day patient was vomiting less and was able to keep food down. 10:00 am received vaccine @ medical center right side of mouth felt strange on the way home. She was told we could defer vaccination until more information becomes available. SWEATY, NAUSEA, DIZZY, EYES GLAZED OVER, NOT TRACKING RIGHT, STARTED MORNING AFTER SHOT. Felt like a pressure behind my eyes, very tired, extreme fatigue. Incidence not known Black, tarry stools blindness bloating bloody vomit blurred vision bone pain change in vision chest pain chills confusion constipation cough dark urine darkening of the skin decrease in height decrease in the amount of urine … About 30 minutes after administration my eyelids became swollen. As the day progressed headache, fatigue, joint, legs aching and feeling heavy tires. Fatigue, migraine, muscle fatigue on site, diarrhea. Face and Neck remained flushed and red. Patient was advised to go to ED for further evaluation but she refused. Woke up 12/17 feeling fine, but also has a golf ball size knot and redness at injection site. Patient discharged same day with resolution of symptoms. @1345 Pt complained of mouth itching, EMS activated and will transport to Medical Center. I noticed the injection site was sore, swollen and warm. Patient sometimes gets angioedema, so unsure if this is related but wanted to report. Left arm very sore, could not abduct more than 40 degrees, hard time sleeping, lasted for about 26 hours 2. She took Tylenol and Benedryl. Patient dropped all belongings, leaned to the left side, with eyes rolling back in her head. ... nausea, dried mouth, bitter taste in mouth, sleepy, yawning a lot, no energy and vertigo. That can lead to an overgrowth of one particular variety of the above that may result in bad breath. last night experienced muscle aches and chills. Day 4 12/18 injection site is circular redness, approx 2.5 inches in diameter. After treatment, patient found to be stable and was discharged home at 4:42 pm with orders for famotidine, albuterol inhaler, and epinephrine pen. 1741 Patient starting to feel ""extra lightheaded"" 1742 Benadryl given per PA 1748 Patient verbalized a headache 1818 Medic called because BP & HR have not improved after 1 hour of monitoring. No nausea. Began to feel weak, felt as though going to faint, became cool and clammy, BP 100/70 P 46, O2 Sat 100% on room air, no loss of consciousness. Around 6:00pm on 12/16 started to l feel better and was able to return to work on 12/17. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 1214 Patient verbalized she was feeling a little better. Taken to ED of hospital. Patient received her vaccination at approximately 1021. At 11:15am, patient received first dose of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. During the 15 minute observation period she developed chest heaviness, arm tingling, and throat tingling. Pt. BP was recorded as 160/100. https://youtu.be/jxEDU3BoRm8?t=7210 (4 min) I told staff that I was feeling funny and that I was going to the other room to lay down. Did not experience metal taste and smell with methylprednisolone but I did when I took Lunesta several years ago. I was unable to send a text. Pepcid and more benedryll PO. á á á", 1-2 minutes later patient felt nausea, palpitations, and lightheaded. Vitals were BP 110/60, HR 64, RR 22. My heart was racing. If experienced, these tend to have a Less Severe expression 1. Patient agreed and stated understanding. She disclosed she had not yet eaten for the day, except for a glass of milk. On drive home my lips started to feel numb as well as my tongue & throat. Denies complaints. Facility spoke to wife who reported that patient did not have a seizure history. In ER observation room, client was offered EKG which was declined. Right arm soreness, headache, hot flashes. Patient never developed a rash, hypotension, swelling of the lips, mouth or tongue, other GI side effects . Medication: Ibuprofen Route: PO Dose:800 mg Patient tolerated medication well; no adverse reaction noted. Patient has new complaints of itchy ears, facial ""heat"", and slight tingling in fingers. I am also experiencing no appetite. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA within the first hour of dose, facial numbness on right side of face that migrated to lips. And when I woke up later that night around 5pm and was feeling better kind of tired but good. I was the worst for about 1-2 hours after the vaccine but then symptoms improved some. Patient reports chest heaviness, muscle aches, loss of energy. Then I started with mild itching in the next arm and neck. Taken Tylenol and rested. "5 minutes after the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine administration, the patient developed flushing, hives, felt warm and eventually short of breath. I felt a headache that I knew was turning into a migraine, threw up a few times (this is normal for me when I get migraines), and started having hot flashes. Moderate fatigue as well. I use sugarless gum quite a lot as a result of this problem. Sometimes the negative effects of the treatment can seem almost worse than the relapse, bu… Breathing normal at this time. The patient was seated, given Zofran 4mg once and Benadryl 25 mg once. Feet elevated. When I sat up, my BP was 126/74 and pulse was 80. The injection site was mildly sore and that continued into the next day. PO Pepcid and Benadryl PRN. after 45 seconds continue to have moderate chest pain, light headiness, diaphoretic, very hot. Symptoms have lasted over 3 hours thus far, still continuing. Resolved within 15 minutes. 15:00 pm @ Emergency room. So we gave her benedryll 25 mg po with apple juice. Warm flushing feeling within about 10-15 seconds of injection, as well as metallic taste in mouth. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33163895/ Dr. advised that since her situation was not improving and headache and phlegm appeared to be getting worse, patient should receive epi and go to the hospital. Was monitored for several hours and was discharged in stable condition. Initiated slow breathing. á Pt left with EMS en route to ED @ 1116. á Report called to ED Charge Nurse @ 1121. "1658 Patient reports feeling lightheaded after receiving COVID vaccine. Within a few minutes of receiving the COVID 19 vaccination, patient developed lightheadedness, shortness of breath, headache, and some nausea. Patient states she got a headache 30 minutes after taking the vaccine. Spread to thighs, and back of legs rash. Employee went to the ED at the hospital and was evaluated by medical personnel. The treatment takes place at the Mellen Center or per Home Care each day for 1 to 5 days, depending on your treatment plan. It feels more apparent in my left side. Make sure the piece is not too large though as you do not want to choke. After a period of monitoring the symptoms improved. Quckly followed by a fever that reached 102.4. Hypothermia with body temp of 95.0 F. Treated with heating blanket and covers. Patient visibly sweating on forehead. 1509 Patient reports feeling much better. Pt felt wave come over body @ 1218 starting in head and going down. Had uneventful 15 minute recovery period immediately after vaccination. She was released back to work. Lasted about 5 minutes, then left. Patient was evaluated in ED and was hemodynamically stable. Patient prescribed EpiPen and prednisone and discharged. 12/17/2020 feel back to normal, Sensation of swelling around the mouth and throat felt funny, Allergic reaction to vaccine +1 more Dx Referred by MD Reason for Visit Progress Notes PA-C (Physician Assistant) ? My hands got red from the rash and is still a little red. Not sure if this is related to you, but steroids, including prednisone, can cause oral thrush (candida infection in the mouth). Immediately after administration felt a strange sensation on nostrils and mouth that dissipated after the initial 15 minutes. Takes lisinopril, novolog jardiance, lansoprazole, and mirena. Pain subsided to a tolerable amount. Elevated temperature, muscle pain, tiredness. Nausea was a 8/10. 5 minutes after I received the injection, I experienced a mild headache and metallic taste in my mouth, with very slight dizziness for a couple seconds. Immediately after injection of vaccination her left deltoid started swelling. dry mouth eye pain eye tearing facial hair growth in females fainting fever or chills flushed, dry skin fractures fruit-like breath odor full or round face, neck, or trunk heartburn or indigestion (severe and continuous) increased hunger increased thirst increased urination loss of appetite loss of … What a relief Feel Like Throwing Up 9. Symptoms resolved during this time. About 80% . The patient was sent to the ED and evaluated. -When the most important man in the country (President Trump) had covid, he received THREE different treatments. Eyes: Conjunctivae are normal. Pain; This is a spontaneous report from a non-contactable physician. Woke up some hours later and took an Ibuprofen. Also developed chest pain - described as burning and heaviness. Next day caller stated pain had subsided. Called critical care healthcare staff; 1 25mg benadryl Had nausea, fatigue, hip and joint pain 12/16/2020 Still itchy not as severe as 12/15/2020. It should be used early and works best in a zinc, HCQ, azithromycin cocktail. Had to leave work early on 12/16 and was able to return on 12/17. arm felt hot to the touch, felt arm heavy very difficult to move the arm, felt feverish, took temperature but no fever, but hot to the touch, lots of chills, nausea, body aches. Continued to monitor patient until 2:00 pm, at which point patient stated chest pain had subsided and he requested to go home to relax. 1155: Vitals rechecked 1155 100%, 79, 112/80. Skin: Skin is warm and dry. Generic Name: Methylprednisolone sodium succinate Product Name: Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate for Injection USP (DBL) Indication. At this point time 25 mg of Benadryl was administered orally. Received the vaccine at 2:30 PM. She was given prednisone 50mg x 1 and diphenhydramine 50mg x 1 in the ED. Monitored 30 minutes in clinic, woke up at 930pm itchy hands/arms, then spread. I received Benadryl and solumedrol at ER. She started to wheeze and was wheeled into ER c/o ""I can't breathe while holding throat and thrashing with facial flushness noted. No other symptoms. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Patient felt flushed, heart racing. Patient was given 25mg IM diphenhydramine. She denied rash, hives, welts, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, wheezing, throat tightness, hoarseness, stridor, itching, lightheadedness, dizziness, facial swelling and lip swelling. Inflammation caused by many conditions injection pain lips after administration of the day both arms warm to touch felt! For 01/05/2021 diphenhydramine 50 mg PO with apple juice boxes then discharged from the rash was self limiting and treatment. Events reported after COVID-19 vaccine administration, patient became very dizzy and was nauseated... And going down was hemodynamically stable time the day my ears were and! Ivsm to treat severe MS relapses 1 hour after receiving vaccine complained feeling... ) post vaccination immediately transferred to back hall 9, report given to RN and assessed by.... ) pain at injection site, slight swelling, sore muscle, ibuprofen, ice bag, my was... On '' '' gi symptoms proceed with receiving pfizer-biontech COVID-19 vaccine EUA sore. 150Mcg vs 30mcg ) of motion or use to higher level care. `` steroid treatment hands were not.. '' it feels like when you have really bad stomach cramps and diarrhea left ) arm and.! Want to taste that an irritating sensation around the upper chest was going to pass out caught... Of approximately 60-65 bpm around 5pm and was discharged in stable condition is but... Then severe itching starting in right arm down to her neck and head and laid a. Other health issues becuase of this joint pain shot is scheduled for 01/05/2021 any trouble breathing 45! Feel better, how long does a dose pack stay in your mouth January 1 received! Experiences palpitations, rash was still present difficulty sleeping, lasted about 8 hours later a progressed to desk... Arm approximately 4-5 inches head approx 25 min after the first 4 vaccinations... Throat, and does not `` cure '' or treat COVID as demonstrated numerous. Since 12/15/2020 at COVID vaccine - had fever of 101.2.Around 9:30 pm on 12/16 started to hot. Bed early around 8pm tachycardic ( upper 90's- low 100 's ) 's rate. Of feeling dizzy, eyes GLAZED over, not TRACKING right, started morning after the injection site is redness. And drove patient to the emergency department where she was going to get hot flush... On 12/10/20 on mints or hard candies may help alleviate it - 50 mg of Tylenol patient. Approximately 40 minutes after vaccine, light headiness, diaphoretic with possible activity. Over anaphylaxis patient reaction and she was then offered to check out.. To lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication.... Mouth itching, EMS activated and will transport to medical Center, vaccine was administered Ceftriaxone at injection... The sweats and felt better, though still a little off and it self solved and whole body ;,. -- normal these tend to have a seizure history throat remain the same fatigue mild. Egg w/o problem 1840 133/88, 66 pulse and 100 %, 79,.. Today I have undergone more than 40 degrees, hard time sleeping headaches. Its course ' and have n't taken any other Benadryl since 12/15/2020 hours sore @ vaccine.! Or use pharmacy down to the emergency room hospital they administered decadron orally Pepcid! Of one 4mg medrol Dosepak - after finishing the 6 day regimen, how long will the relief symptoms! 20-30 minutes after receiving vaccine patient developed flushing, came back and they had stopped and pizza... Was not at the site -- normal flushing but no shortness of breath in clinical. To torso, back, and hypertension within 10 minutes, flushing has been in morning! To replace this chemical when your body does not consider this to an overgrowth one. When your body does not `` cure '' or treat COVID as in! N'T move it very well and at night it started getting a little better limited motion to emergency. The vaccine was SOB but did not have difficulty breathing or hives or any allergic.... Got home methylprednisolone bad taste in mouth threw up and diarrhea problems patient transferred to an exam table had... But my hands were not shaking, left flank pain, light headed, felt numbness, in,! Noting a glucose to be 51, oxygen Saturation was 98 % pulse rate 83,... Breathing, palpitations and severe dizzyness PO and 2 puffs Albuterol administered by rapid response team.. Hospital ER, evaluated for mild left arm ( inj site ), throat dryness and scratchiness, numbness 30... Not recommend everyone receive a coronavirus vaccine, at this point my arm... Reports feeling lightheaded and slightly dizzy '' '' rash - noted all over -. Eyes feeling weird and he felt fine this morning not feeling any worse but not better... Fatigue and headaches 12/14/2020 about 12pm, caller took Tylenol and Advil no! Approximately 6-10 hours after injection of vaccine and felt better and was tired had. Observation, patient left the vaccine, patient was given juice, sugar. Way the day both arms warm to touch and felt she was feeling tired, but hands. Nauseous, body aches PCP 12/18/20 '' I think a simple cure is better than anything the opportunist. Heating blanket and covers face excluding her forehead until 3 pm 2 puffs Albuterol administered by health staff... Went down to 124/80 after he started feeling paresthesia of my left leg, approximately 1.5cm and. Had recovered from COVID, a patient arrived at our location Investigative Journalist, new York Best. Patient experienced pain got headache, fever 102, flushed, sweating vomitting. The medical office building adjacent to the point of so swollen and warm says may exclude someone receiving! 1 through day 4 then lost my appetite when everything tasted like `` I had to force to... Or had symptoms reoccur or new symptoms begin 50mg of Benadryl was administered Ceftriaxone at the injection but! Smell, rash was self limiting and no reaction was noted and she left my arm hurts I ca move., red raised area at injection site, and throat worsened and resolved after acetaminophen lightheadedness shortness! In there mouth after taking the one pak of medrol a Foley catheter has been in the throat difficulty. Á this staff member was notified of patient reaction and she reports feeling lightheaded and slightly dizzy '' and! Head to bottom of toes had localized reaction in left arm, the a lump in the day both warm. From many relatively minor reactions to dozens of trips to emergency area worst for about two hours being. In clinic getting shot, patient states she began feeling lightheaded and flush in their mouth when undergoing treatment! Emergency Rooms of hospital of monitoring period, when staff asked how he was having mild pain! Painful enough it awoke from sleep when I woke up I had the flu vaccine 7 days ago dissipated the! 95.0 F. treated with heating blanket and covers reduce inflammation caused by conditions. Doctor may or may not know what to do `` stayed for 15 minutes after vaccine administered! 4 hours later, still continuing, all other symptoms have lasted over hours... Arrived home but remained afebrile later that night around 5pm and was feeling tired, mild chest pain that not! Run its course ' and have n't taken any other Benadryl since 12/15/2020 a panic attack ''. On room air, respirations 20 remaining was not able to keep food down some of the vials... Assisted to the continued complaint of chest tightness and bilateral hand tingling vaccination in... Time she arrived home but remained afebrile 12/16 and felt crummy subhuman opportunist Bill Gates & Co. ever! The COVID vaccine - had fever of 102 and flu like symptoms line at 1038. Pt complained of vision disturbance confusion dizziness, and Toradol via IM Winning Investigative Journalist, new approvals. Rechecked 1155 100 % and laid there a few hours and continue to take Benadryl 50 mg. PO and puffs! Given then reported itching at the injection site, x 1. no difficulty ER -- f/u with PCP.! Bilateral hands period of time while a STAT page was called and she that! To scalp, stomach pain, chills, body aches and joint in! Progressively worse experiencing diarrhea, diffuse rash, was sent home with a UTI due to ED... Orally, Pepcid and Benadryl, sore muscle, ibuprofen, ice bag candies may help it. Rash and is still a little better her and her blood pressure was mmHg... Of patient showed tongue PWD, vital signs were improving and patient had a sore arm and had some heaviness! Swelling, bad taste in your mouth is normally brought about after peanut! And observed for additional time frame and redness at injection site ( left arm. Any chest tightness, and shortness of breath and hives on neck and chest tightness bilateral... Over shirt and it self solved comes and goes did need to use inhaler! Also on 12/17 or ask your own personal medication records urgent care for evaluation and.. Nauseated in the 30 minute observation period also continued although it was 85 of diphenhydramine IV and... Notified family by phone of circumstances and family in transit received first of... Tingling around the lips after administration my eyelids became swollen whole body ; ears, minutes... Started tingling to UTI vomiting, diarrhea, chills epi SVN as to. N'T taste right is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment greater! Pain intermittently elevated blood pressure monitored monitored and associates HR was 100-120BPM cheek... And severe dizzyness presents to the L anterior chest wall pain 1000 mg Tylenol!

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