23 m merchant Germany 18 Emma Retzer 30 f none Germany 19 Paul Retzer 4 m child Germany 20* Walter Retzer 2y6m m child Germany 21 Robert Retzer 9m m child Germany 22 Mathilde Neffert 19 f none Germany 23 John Paul 24 m bookkeeper New York 24 Maximilian Aron 27 m taylor Germany 25 Meier Lowenstein 43 m merchant Germany 26 Mary Heidenblat 26 f none … Language; Watch; Edit; The list of ships of the Imperial German Navy includes all ships ... 1915 passenger ship Ausonia and under conversion as naval vessel 1918, not completed and scrapped 1922; Auxilary minelayers. This 'Bremen' was already the fourth of five NGL vessels named after her home port. 1854-1889 (1889-1927) 1889-1927: 1927-1939: 1927- Abbreviations: DLL = Deutsche Levant Line HAPAG = Hamburg America Line. The arrival records for many German immigrants to the United States are partially indexed. 12). This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total. Look in for a picture of the ship named For the "EllisIsland" site you must enter the complete name of the ship… Consult the section on External Links to Other Institutions to find a nominal index for that time period. BAMBERG, GERMANY - AUGUST 8, 2018: Passenger ship at river Regnitz and the old fishermen half timbered. Obtaining Pictures of Passenger Ships in One Step Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco If you don't find the ship you want at one site, try some of the others. TheShipsList website, online since August 1999, will help you find your ancestors on ships' passenger lists.We also have immigration reports, newspaper records, shipwreck information, ship pictures, ship descriptions, shipping-line fleet lists and more; as well as hundreds of passenger lists to Canada, USA, Australia and even some for South Africa. Emigrants left Germany and migrated to Southeastern Europe, North America, Russia, England, Scotland, and Ireland. It’s easy to escape life on … Pennsylvania German Pioneers Passenger Lists Palatine German Immigrant Ships to Philadelphia 1740-1752. Students will make generalizations about trends in immigration and suggest reasons for sudden spikes or drops in immigration. These are index cards, arranged alphabetically by place of last residence and then by surname, of German emigrants, based upon the Bremen Passenger Lists. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Passenger_ships_of_Germany&oldid=544172258, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 March 2013, at 19:32. The Hamburg passenger lists are made up of two sections. This database is an index to the passenger lists of ships arriving from foreign ports at the port of New York from 1820-1957. Thus, a number of Germans who came over on ships from 1850–1855 are not included. It is available for free public use at all National Archives research facilities and many public libraries. The following 90 files are in this category, out of 90 total. Published Passenger Arrival Lists. World Cruises. 1889-1927 Buff on passenger ships and cargo ships operating to the Caribbean and China. German Translation of “passenger” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Information contained in the index includes given name, surname, age, gender, arrival date, port of arrival, port of departure and ship name. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. A cozy restaurant, a terrace. Ancestry is a subscription database. German Passenger Ship Pretoria Photograph. Unfortunately, all lists from 1875 - 1908 older than 3 years were destroyed due to lack of space in the Bremen Archives, and with the exception of 3017 passenger lists for the years 1920 - 1939 all other lists were lost in World War II. Passenger Lists contained in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenir list provided to the passengers of each cabin class (and other classes). German Passenger Lists 1881-1901. Cookies help us deliver our services. Although these ships are often referred to as Palatine ships, you may also find Swiss, French and Dutch immigrants on these lists. Each section has its own separate handwritten index. Organized by Date of Departure, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers, Route, and the Ship's Captain. Find the perfect german passenger ship stock photo. Unfortunately, all lists from 1875 - 1908 older than 3 years were destroyed due to lack of space in the Bremen Archives, and with the exception of 3017 passenger lists for the years 1920 - 1939 all other lists were lost in World War II. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, زمرہ:جرمنی کے مسافر بحری جہاز (ur); Kategori:Tyska passagerarfartyg (sv); Kategori:Tyske passasjerskip (nn); Kategoria:Niemieckie statki pasażerskie (pl); Kategorie:Německé osobní lodě (cs); رده:کشتی‌های مسافربری آلمان (fa); Kategorie:Passagierschiff (Deutschland) (de); Categoria:Navios de passageiros da Alemanha (pt); Category:Passenger ships of Germany (en); تصنيف:سفن ركاب في ألمانيا (ar); Category:德国客船 (zh); Kategory:Dútsk passazjiersskip (fy) categoría de Wikimedia (es); kategori Wikimedia (ms); Wikimedia category (en-gb); د ويکيمېډيا وېشنيزه (ps); Vikimedya kategorisi (tr); ویکیمیڈیا زمرہ (ur); kategória projektov Wikimedia (sk); категорія проекту Вікімедіа (uk); 维基媒体分类 (zh-cn); Wikimedia-Kategorie (gsw); Викимедиина категорија (mk); kategorija na Wikimediji (bs); विकिपीडिया:श्रेणी (bho); page de catégorie d'un projet Wikimedia (fr); kategorija na Wikimediji (hr); विकिपीडिया वर्ग (mr); категорија на Викимедији (sr); Wikimedia-Kategorie (lb); 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Wikimedia-categorie (li), Passenger ships of Stern und Kreisschiffahrt, "Maria Theresia," smoking cabin, first class, North German Lloyd, Royal Mail Steamers-LCCN2002720835.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R67005, Schleuse Zerben, Dampfschiff fährt in Schleuse.jpg, 2015 05 28 STG FA Gesch Rendbg Reichspostdampfer Feldmarschall IMG 9328 k.JPG, Baltica Graal-Müritz Sonntag 30.8 2020 (51).jpg, Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) Schermützelsee (4).JPG, Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-P017306, Ostpreußen, Tilsit, Dampfschiff im Hafen.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 102-06097, Anderten, Einweihung der Hindenburgschleuse.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 102-09089, Passagierschiff Monte Sarmiento.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 105-DOA0977, Deutsch-Ostafrika, Passagierschiff.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2004-0135, Deutsch-Ostafrika, Schiff "Kaiser Wilhelm II".jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1986-0730-020, Rostock, Überseehafen, Ausflugsschiff, "Weiße Flotte", Frachter.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1990-0801-001, Wismar, Stadthafen, Ausflugsschiffe.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 183-G0417-0009-001, Rostock, Überseehafen, Hafenrundfahrt, Frachtschiffe, Schlepper.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 183-J0523-0003-001, Rostock, Überseehafen, Hafenrundfahrt, "Weiße Flotte".jpg, Dampfer 'Gertrud Woermann' (II) bei der Ausreise von Hamburg nach Deutsch-Südwestafrika, 1904.jpg, Deutschland (Schiff, 1924) an der Pier.jpg, Die Flotte der Fördedampfer in der Winterruhe an der Hörn (Kiel 46.310).jpg, Fotothek df ps 0006244 Häfen ^ Schiffe ^ Fähren.jpg, Fred Pansing SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria.jpg, German ships iterned Solomons Island Md.jpg, Hamburg-American Lines Piers at Hoboken.jpg, Koblenz, Blick aus Seilbahn - MS Wappen von Köln (2011-07-17 BUGA).JPG, A trip to the Orient; the story of a Mediterranean cruise (1907) (14784761382).jpg, Münster, Boote am Aasee -- 2016 -- 2371.jpg, Münster, Torminbrücke -- 2020 -- 3371.jpg, Passagierschiffe in Bad Kissingen, Anlegestelle Rosengarten.JPG, Regattabegleitfahrt auf dem Passagierschiff TOM KYLE zur Kieler Woche 1974 (Kiel 57.122).jpg, Stamps of Germany (Berlin) 1975, MiNr 486.jpg, The British Naval Campaign in the Baltic, 1918-1919 Q19367.jpg, The British Naval Campaign in the Baltic, 1918-1919 Q19375.jpg, Wenceslas Hollar - Two barges on a river- Ierlbach (State 2).jpg, Elbing - die geneigte Ebene. “Passenger,” I replied. Previous Page: Ships to Philadelphia 1727-1739 This Page: Pennsylvania German Pioneers - Ships to Philadelphia 1740-1752. 1918-1945 (69709353).jpg, Hel - parostatek "Benek" 1925-1928 (81966801).jpg, Zoppot - Dampfer "Vineta" auslaufend. We have Ships for Sale. Continues roundtrip voyages are offered, as well as longer one way voyages, between the continents only. Passenger list for the ship Nancy in 1754 from the Palatine area of Germany to Pennsylvania. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Includes marital status, occupation, ship name, place of last residence, and destination. The White Fleet sails directly to the front door of many attractions including Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen and SEA LIFE Constance from multiple ports-of-call. Continues roundtrip voyages are offered, as well as longer one way voyages, between the continents only. The following text and dates and ship names are from the book Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger and William J. Hinke, published in 1934 by the Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, PA. Many of these souvenir passenger lists have disappeared over the years. This German guideline contains supplementary provisions for certain passenger ships. Passenger ships of Germany include all ships designed, built, or operated in Germany for the purpose of transporting passengers. Calendar more 1905-1911 (71358574).jpg, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Passenger_ships_of_Germany&oldid=322676405, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Passenger ships of Germany. This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. The category may also include cargo ships with adequate facilities to carry a substantial number of passengers. Passenger ships of Germany include passenger-carrying ships designed, built, or operated in or by Germany. Students will analyze a Table of German Passenger ships that landed in Philadelphia from 1683 to 1775. Ended: Dec 15, 2020. 1927- Yellow with black, white and red rings. Ship Tonnage Length Title held Image 1831 SS Royal William: 1,370 GRT: 49 m (160 ft) 1831 – 1839: 1837 SS Great Western: 1,340 GRT(as built) 1,700 GRT (post-1839) 76.8 m (252 ft) 1839: 1839 SS British Queen: 1,850 GRT: 75 m (245 ft) 1839 – 1840 1841 – 1843 1840 SS President: 2,366 GRT: 74 m (243 ft) 1840 – 1841 Passenger ship Fishing vessels Ships of traditional build Recreational Craft ... Maritime and Hydrographic Agency) maintains the German shipping register and is the central registration office for all German seagoing ships. German Ship Passenger Lists (1842-1854) This database includes passenger ship passenger arrival records from the Verein zum Schutze der Deutsche Einwanderer Collection and the Anna Blasig Papers. 1858-Today: Six Passenger Ships called 'Bremen' 75 years ago North German Lloyd’s (NGL) passenger liner ' Bremen ' won the symbolic Blue Riband for the fastest Atlantic passage from east to west. 12). German Translation of “ passenger ship” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Our collection contains a sampling of what was originally produced and printed by the steamship lines. Bremen Passenger Lists Over 120,000 passengers Bremen, Germany to New York 1920-1939. The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total. Bremerhaven is the seaport of the City Municipality of Bremen, a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany. Includes a link to the online Hamburg passenger lists database. (English, Welsh, German & American passengers - with a link to an index of the Irish passengers) Ship Passenger List: the Bark Irvine from Galway to New York 1851 Ship Passenger List: the Universe from Liverpool to New York 1851 Included are links to some transcribed passenger lists. Condition:--not specified. New Dock, Bremerhaven 1907.GGA Image ID # 17548b0912. "Connections: Keeping Our German Russian Heritage Alive" 1/6/2021 Volume 1 of Brunnental, Russia Communion Register (1870-1884) now available in the AHSGR Bookstore.

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